The British bitter has journeyed far. It has evolved. loyal to its balanced roots but more hop-forward this year's beer will be An extra special bitter amped-up to American proportions. All-British malts, all-American hops, a beer of bitter descent.

We are Natural Selection Brewing, and our beer will be descending on pubs and bars near you this July.

Natural Selection Brewing is a collaborative project between ourselves, four MSc students – Reade, Rich, Sarah and Sam – at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling, and renowned Edinburgh brewers Stewart Brewing.

The beer style changes each year. To date there has been a red ale, 'Finch', a summer wheat beer, 'Anorak', a New World Saison, 'Origin', and an all-British IPA, 'Mutiny on the Beagle'. The project continually evolves, and is now in its fifth year, and consistently delivers great beer.

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Bitter Descent: the return of the extra special bitter

When Darwin wrote the Descent of Man he focused on the role of sexual-selection in the evolution of species from a single common ancestor. We’ve focused on the evolution of the American Extra Special Bitter from its humble origins, the “pint of bitter” found in every real ale pub across the UK. Bitter Descent, the fifth beer from Natural Selection Brewing, is born, and it’s coming to a pub near you in July.

Welcome all to this year’s Natural Selection

Over the next three months we’re going to be getting to grips with the UK beer market and commercial-scale brewing, to bring you the next leaf on the Natural Selection family tree.

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